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The Top 5 Ways Proper Posture Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

The Top 5 Ways Proper Posture Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

August 20, 2019

Everyone has heard the importance of sitting or standing up straight. However, maintaining proper posture at all hours of the day is usually easier said than done.

Many people experience back pain due to poor posture. Sitting and standing up straight allows for proper spinal alignment, which can prevent back pain. However, it can be difficult to get in the habit of practicing proper posture if you are already in the habit of slouching or hunching over. Fortunately, physical therapy can help correct your bad posture habits and help you incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle through targeted strengthening and stretching exercises.

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How Can Proper Posture Relieve Back Pain?

Your spine is designed to function in a very specific way. When you move, sit, and stand in ways that disrupt the optimal function of your spine, you may create compensations in your movement that lead to injuries, pain, and dysfunction over time.

With the help of your physical therapist, practicing good posture is one way keep your spine healthy and minimize your back pain. Physical therapy will provide education on and a home exercise program for good posture, proper biomechanics of movement, and pain relief.

Five benefits of maintaining proper posture include:

1. It Helps Improve Physical Function

When we think of posture, many of us picture sitting at a desk or standing up straight. However, proper posture can be (and should be) incorporated into everything we do, including movement! Through education and exercise, your physical therapist will guide you on how to maintain proper posture during all of your favorite activities, such as walking, running, and playing sports. The improved posture you adopt in each activity will lessen the wear and tear you put on your spine, which minimizes the risk of developing back pain from these activities.

2. It Prevents Damaging Changes to the Anatomy of Your Spine

The ways in which you use your spine can actually cause changes to your anatomy. The stress caused by sitting hunched over a phone, tablet, or computer can eventually lead to damage, wear, and tear of your bones, muscles, joints, spinal discs, and the nerves and blood vessels that travel through your spine. Fortunately, in many cases, the damage can be slowed or reversed if you engage in targeted physical therapy and learn how to maintain proper posture.

3. It Enhances Blood Circulation

When you maintain proper spinal alignment, your blood vessels are not constricted by the pressure of your vertebrae and discs. Your spine contains numerous components that all require good circulation in order to operate correctly and regenerate from damage. When your physical therapist guides you through different physical therapy exercises to help with your posture, your alignment can return to the intended shape for optimal circulation.

4. It Increases Your Strength and Flexibility

Can you touch your toes without pain? Can you activate your core when you bend, lift, and twist? If you have struggled with poor posture for a while, there is a good chance that it will be difficult to maintain proper posture in the beginning. It may take some time in physical therapy to gain the strength and flexibility necessary to keep your ideal posture. Fortunately, the work you do with your physical therapist to achieve your goals will lead to greater overall fitness. The stronger and more flexible you get, the less likely you are to suffer from back pain on a regular basis.

5. It Helps You Avoid Pain from Poor Lifting Biomechanics

Good posture is a vital component of lifting objects without injury. When you lift and fail to use good posture, there is a much greater chance that you will wind up hurting your back. Ask your physical therapist about proper lifting posture. He or she can show you how to lift correctly and guide you through some exercises to improve your lifting posture.

Find Relief Today

Are you ready to improve your posture and relieve your back pain? If so, call Carlson ProCare to schedule your appointment today! We’ll help you get started on the right track toward a pain-free life. Your back will be happy you did!


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