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Carlson Procare Testimonials

Cindi, Andrea, and all of their staff are a team of remarkably capable and dedicated professionals. They all work together to create a welcoming, supportive environment. Each patient gets their full and undivided attention, and every ailment or problem gets the benefit of their extensive knowledge and experience. They have helped me through a multitude of difficulties over the past 20+ years – knee replacements, spinal surgery, vertigo, peripheral neuropathy, and more – and I will be forever grateful to them for keeping me healthy and active at age 84. New Milford is blessed to have Carlson Procare in our community. Thank you!


George Coleman

My physical therapist was Cindi. She is wonderful at her job.She asked me questions and really listened. That is so important to any patient.Cindi started slowly with me, which I was so grateful for, because my pain was severe.
She has great instincts and explained everything as she went along, also very appreciated. I could go on…….
If I require PT again, I will certainly request Cindi !!


Connie Clark

I went to Andrea at Carlson Procare, and I am delighted with my results! I have been to other physical therapists who say, “do this exercise for the next 10 minutes,” and they walk away and help the next person in line. Andrea was hands on and attentive during every visit. She listened to my issues, worked on my sore spots, and showed me stretches and exercises to do at home. I am moving like my old self and I am exercising again. I highly recommend Andrea and Carlson Procare! 


Annette Martin

Very helpful and positive experience. I had a number of complex issues with surgery recovery. My therapist worked with me to eliminate back pain issues that were then enabled me to work the muscle issues with my hip and femur giving me the freedom of motion to aid my walking. This is a professional environment focused on your recovery. I would strongly recommend.


Bill OLoughlin

I’ve never done PT before and I was really impressed with all of it; making appointments was easy and flexible, and I saw several different care providers here and their skill & expertise amazed me each time. I don’t know if my insurance will let me continue any longer.. but even though I still have pain sometimes, I feel much better about it overall since I’ve been equipped with new knowledge about what may be causing it, and things I can do to improve it. 


Desarae Silva

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Carol Cayea

Everyone I met were very nice & professional.
My physical therapist was great. Knowledgeable, compassionate & professional.

John Lydon

This is my third go around with Carlson. Staff, service, knowledge and caring is consistently outstanding. Highly recommend