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Linda Badalamenti

Linda Badalamenti

Billing Manager

With a 25-year background in healthcare billing, I am excited to bring my expertise to Carlson Procare. I have been a valued member of the Carlson Therapy Network for 2 years now, and have continuously worked to perfect my skills and expand my knowledge in this field.

My core values are to Treat everyone with kindness and grace. Work hard and have fun.

What I do here at Carlson Procare is all of the billing services needed by clients. Something that I have to deal with that I wish I could fix is insurance companies processing claims incorrectly and applying costs to patients inaccurately. What I love about working here is the can-do attitude of all our employees. No matter what the situation, be it a unique diagnosis or new insurance regulations; everyone does the research, figures out the best path, and moves forward, doing their best every day.

When I’m not at work, I love being in the company of my family and friends, cooking and making new things, and reading a really good book!