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Kevin L. Rafferty

Kevin L. Rafferty

PT, Owner, C.O.O.
Physical Therapist/Owner/Chief Operating Officer

Kevin graduated from Quinnipiac University’s Physical Therapy program in 1993. He has loved working as a Physical Therapist for the past 30 years in outpatient orthopedics, treating a wide variety of diagnoses and injuries. Kevin continues to participate in continuing education for all aspects of physical therapy with a main focus on orthopedics/sports medicine. Over the past 20+ years, he has been an integral part of the Carlson PROCARE team and has spent those years in leadership positions. He continues to find true value and purpose in treating patients on a weekly basis. Kevin also thoroughly enjoys leading and working with the team to provide the ultimate physical therapy experience for our communities!

My core values are honesty, integrity, caring, work ethic, leadership.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. – Martin Luther King Jr

What I do here at Carlson ProCare is I continue to work as a treating physical therapist, presently in three offices regularly, but I am also owner and Chief Operating Officer.

When patients come into the clinic with an injury/pain there is a certain mindset that they often have that is that they were sent to PT because we are going to “fix” their issue. This challenge is one of the many things that makes our job exciting, and interesting! No two patients are alike, regardless of their condition. Our job is not only to work on the injury but to treat and educate the total patient, so that their experience with us is a positive one, and they can return to their activities of enjoyment at a pain-free level!

I love treating all body parts and injuries, but if I had to choose two areas though it would be shoulders and knees. What I love about working at Carlson ProCare is the people I work with every day. I love the culture that we have been able to grow here. The future is bright at Carlson Procare and I am very excited to help lead that!

What is Kevin Watching, Reading, or Listening to?

  • Entre-Leadership Podcast (Podcast)
  • Second in Command Podcast (Podcast)
  • It’s a Wonderful Life (Movie)

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my wife Linda-Jean (LJ), and our four children!

Patient Testimonials

My experience with Kevin Rafferty and staff was great, both in terms of treatment and understanding my changing schedule. Both locations are well staffed and equipped for optimal treatment. I would highly recommend Kevin Rafferty to family and friends. – Tom Keegan

My experience with Procare PT has been one of many positives. I’ve had over the last 20 years several surgeries due to sports and construction. 2 lower back, 2 neck fusions, several orthoscopic knee surgeries. I truly believe that none of them would’ve been successful where it not for the dedication and professionalism of Kevin and his staff. I owe Kevin and procare staff for my quality of life and I’m grateful for his dedication to his patients. I don’t know of any other physical therapist who comes in as early as 5am to meet with clients to accommodate their schedule. He is one of a kind. Thank you for all that you’ve done

Carlson Pro Care has been an integral part of managing my arthritic hips and back, keeping me mobile and my pain manageable until I am ready for surgery. The staff are efficient and attentive. They provide an app that makes it convenient and easy to instruct me through my daily exercises and allow me to track them. My therapist Kevin is compassionate, caring, takes the time to listen to me and is a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to every appointment knowing how great I will feel afterwards. I would highly recommend Carlson Physical Therapy